According to the "Repository 2.0" project from 1 April 2016, the Web-client and the NSD File gateway will be free. The conditions of the getting access will be published on the NSD official website.
On 30 June the users of the Web-client in the production environment can use new functions. Unlike the previous version in the Web-client were added daily reports containing information about the status of the sent messages. Additionally, you can use e-mail notifications about new messages in the repository.
On June 30, 2014 the updated version of the Web-client has been released in the test environment. For the convenience of working with a large number of reports in the Web-client were added the ability to upload a large number of orders in the Web-client in bulk format.

  Technical support

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Option Workshop Option portfolios analysis system

Option Workshop is a front application for option trading, offering powerful automation features, market monitoring and positions analysis. The product provides all the tools necessary for analyzing and modeling portfolios: strategy-based position management, what-if scenarios applicable to position analysis, and more.

Repository Web-client Reporting of OTC trades

Repository's Web-client is a project commissioned by the National Settlement Depository. Web application is used to create and provide reports on the performed transactions to the repository. Templates, import documents, bulk order upload, separation of users role, and more.

NSD file gateway Automatic sending of orders to the repository

The NSD file gateway automatically transfers files in FpML format to the repository and loads response messages. The service can also be used to send messages written with third-party software that cannot interact directly with the EDI system.