We offer to traders, fund managers, developers of automated trading systems a range of our products, which will facilitate the execution of their daily tasks.

Option Workshop

Option Workshop is a front application for option trading, offering powerful automation features, market monitoring and positions analysis. The product provides all the tools necessary for analyzing and modeling portfolios: strategy-based position management, what-if scenarios applicable to position analysis, automatically imported positions, automated trading operations, flexible-configurable delta hedgers and flexible contract-based market-makers. To find out more.


Repository Web-client

Repository Web-client is a project commissioned by the National Settlement Depository. This product allows the remote workstation to create and send reports about executed transactions to the trade repository. Repository Web-client also helps users easily convert messages into a common FpML format, validate orders and prepared using the software users. To find out more.


NSD file gateway

The NSD file gateway automatically transfers files in FpML format to the repository and loads response messages. The service can also be used to send messages written with third-party software that cannot interact directly with the EDI system. To find out more.