Repository Web-client

Repository Web-client is our company project, commissioned by the National Settlement Depository. This solution permits the remote workstation to communicate with the NSD trade repository.
The Web-client is designed to be used by credit institutions and investment and financial companies, both in Russia and abroad. Some of the largest international and Russian companies are users of the system.

The Web-client helps create and provide reports on performed transactions to the repository. The Web-client also allows customers to:

  • generate messages on the performed trades for the registration;
  • view incoming and outgoing messages;
  • control the registration of contracts and master agreements;
  • view the list of registered contracts;
  • check messages prepared by third-party systems for compliance with repository formats;
  • convert documents of different formats;
  • create document templates.

Also, users can access a number of additional services, such as converting messages in tabular format or the old format of the repository into the FpML format, as well as validating messages prepared using third-party software.

Please note that detailed technical documentation is hosted on a dedicated resource.