Software Development

Software development is a complex process of turning ideas into working software systems. The efficiency of business processes depends on the quality of the created IT solutions. We develop a modern and high-quality system to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ organizations.

Project interaction

The project's success depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders in the software development process. Our company works on the project interaction model, in which we work with the client to create a detailed work plan and coordinate all phases of development. This approach allows us to determine in advance the cost and timing of the project stages.

The project work plan usually includes the following stages:

Developing requirements:

  • define project goals and objectives;
  • develop the functional requirements;
  • establish the project plan.

Designing the system:

  • develop the system architecture;
  • write code;
  • create a test plan;
  • produce technical documentation.

Testing and implementation:

  • test and correct errors;
  • deploy the system;
  • implement and transfer the system operation.

Maintaining and supporting:

  • train and educate users;
  • troubleshoot emerging problems;
  • maintain the system.

To keep the process transparent and effective, IT Global LLC collaborates with the client on all phases of the project. Together, we create, discuss and edit the system requirements that ensure your project’s satisfactory and timely completion.


The final cost of the project depends on the amount of time spent by our experienced professionals, which, in turn, depends on the complexity and volume of the tasks. Each employee engaged on your project records the exact hours worked and the specific tasks accomplished.

The client can thus track all time spent on the project and receive a report on the work performed and resources involved.