Frequently asked questions

Most of our clients are major financial institutions. You can view our Clients page to see a list of such institutions that permitted us to publicize our collaboration. However, our Client list is not limited to banks and brokers. We also provide services to municipalities, industries and individuals.

Clients need different software systems to perform particular tasks. For example, most are familiar with a Windows application that runs on a single computer and process information locally. However, in a distributed system like most businesses use, the main server runs on Linux while the clients use a Web-interface or a Windows application.

There is currently no ready-made distributed system. It is impossible to buy it and start using it today or tomorrow. In this case, the client must collaborate with a software developer to build a custom system. We are such a company.

We will work with our clients to identify their needs, develop specifications, build a software system, test the system and provide follow-up support.

The client receives software custom-designed to solve their problems – compiled and ready-to-run executable files and all associated documentation. Also, depending on the format of the contract, the source code of developed system can be transferred to the client.

In general, the more complicated, bigger and longer the project, the higher the cost. More specifically, the service cost is calculated very simply: we multiply the estimated hours worked on the project by the “triggering bet,” a floating category priced at the market level.

As a rule, the client receives the exclusive rights to the software and source code. However, we always retain non-exclusive rights related to the system’s internal design used in the implementation of a custom project (various adapters, libraries, data, etc.).

We use Atlassian company products.

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