Support for custom products

After development of custom products, IT Global shall be responsible for system errors that were not detected during testing. These errors are corrected free of charge.

Any additional functionality beyond the original agreement is handled separately. In this situation, clients should work with us to develop an extended support contract, which will finalize the functionality of the system. All costs for such additional functionality will be based on a monthly calculation of the executed work.

Support for retail products

Support for retail products can be accessed in two ways:

  • by phone: +1 (347) 305 0039
  • by e-mail: support at itglobal dot ru

Remote desktop

In some cases, during a phone conversation our support staff may need to get remote access to your computer. To provide such support, we use a product called Team Viewer version 7th.
To download a version of Team Viewer that does not require installation on your computer, click the image below: